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Nearby Attractions & Things to Do

Updated: May 10

Duppstadt's Country Store is not only a destination for quality goods and old-fashioned hospitality but also serves as a gateway to a variety of exciting attractions and activities in the surrounding area. Here are some must-visit places near Duppstadt's:

  1. The Lincoln Café (Next Door) Right next to Duppstadt's, The Lincoln Café offers a variety of sandwiches, coffee, and other baked goods, perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.

  2. Flight 93 National Memorial (1.1 miles) Pay tribute to the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93 at this solemn memorial commemorating the events of September 11, 2001.

  3. Shorty’s Restaurant (1.6 miles) Indulge in a full-service dining experience at Shorty’s Restaurant, known for its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere.

  4. Patriot Park (1.8 miles) A living tribute and memorial to Flight 93, Patriot Park aims to remember each life lost on 9/11 in a way that will motivate visitors to remember and support veterans and veteran organizations.

  5. Forbes Trail Brewing (1.9 miles) Sample craft brews at this new microbrewery in the area, offering a unique selection of locally brewed beers.

  6. Hank's Diner (2 miles) Hanks serves a great variety of American foods - from hamburgers and sandwiches to full dinner meals. Always be sure to bring your appetite!

  7. The Lodge at Indian Lake (5.0 miles) Enjoy a meal at the restaurant or hit the greens at the 18-hole golf course at The Lodge at Indian Lake.

  8. Mountain Ridge ATV Park (5.6 miles) Experience outdoor adventure at Mountain Ridge ATV Park, where you can ride ATVs and enjoy other recreational activities.

  9. Coal Miner’s Cafe (13.3 miles) Get a taste of local flavors at Coal Miner’s Cafe, a charming café known for its hearty meals and friendly service.

  10. Jennerstown Speedway (13.6 miles) Catch thrilling races at Jennerstown Speedway, a local speedway hosting a variety of motorsport events.

  11. Laurel Hill State Park (24.0 miles) This state park has lots of hiking trails and a large lake to enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding fishing, and swimming at the beach. Trek the Pumphouse Trail Loop for a can't-miss hiking trail with a beautiful waterfall.

  12. Mountain Playhouse (14.0 miles) Immerse yourself in live professional theater productions at Mountain Playhouse, offering a diverse range of performances

  13. Shawnee State Park (15.1 miles) Head to Shawnee State Park for outdoor fun, including kayaking, boating, fishing, and relaxing on the beach at Shawnee Lake. This state park also has a variety of hiking trails to enjoy.

  14. Jean Bonnet Tavern (18.0 miles) Step back in time at Jean Bonnet Tavern, a historic tavern offering fine dining, drinks, and comfortable lodging since the 18th century.

  15. Quecreek Mine Rescue (19.2 miles) Visit the site of the historic Quecreek mine rescue and learn about this remarkable feat of bravery and perseverance.

  16. Whitehorse Brewing (15.0 miles) Discover handcrafted brews made with top-grade local ingredients at Whitehorse Brewing, a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts. Whitehorse also serves a variety of local wines, spirits, seltzer, cider, and cocktails. They frequently host live music and local food trucks.

With so much to see and do near Duppstadt's Country Store, your visit promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, history, and plenty of local charm. Come explore the area and create lasting memories with family and friends!



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