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Shop Local at Duppstadt's

Updated: May 6

Discover the Best of Southwestern PA at Duppstadt's Country Store!

At Duppstadt's, we take pride in supporting local businesses and showcasing the rich diversity of products that our region has to offer. From delectable sweets to savory delights and artisanal creations, we've curated a selection that highlights the best of our community. Here are some of the local vendors whose products you can find at Duppstadt's:

1. Backyard Gardens Mustards

Indulge in the tangy goodness of locally made mustard from Ohiopyle, PA. These mustards are crafted with care, bringing out the unique flavors of the region.

2. Beachy's Apple Butter

Made with locally grown apples from Salisbury, PA, Beachy's Apple Butter is a true delight. What's more, it's naturally sweetened with no added sugar, making it a healthy and delicious choice.

3. Cuddleback Farm Goatmilk Soaps

Pamper yourself with premium goat milk products from a family farm in Imler, PA. These soaps are luxurious and nourishing, perfect for a relaxing self-care routine.

4. Dan Ritchey Honey

Taste the sweetness of local honey from Dan Ritchey. Sourced from the finest bees in the region, this honey is a natural wonder.

5. Dark Side Coffee

For coffee lovers, Dark Side Coffee offers custom-roasted beans from Ligioneer, PA. Family-owned and operated since 2006, they bring a rich aroma and bold flavor to your cup.

6. Hillegas Sugar Camp

Experience the goodness of local maple products from Fairhope, PA. Hillegas Sugar Camp produces maple treats using 100% pure PA maple syrup, ensuring quality and authenticity.

7. Huckleberry Farms Honey

Local honey produced in Berlin, PA! Huckleberry farms produces a wide variety of honey flavors and products - available at Duppstadt's.

8. Kim's Sassy Sweets

Indulge your sweet tooth with homemade chocolate candies from Cairnbrook, PA. Kim's Sassy Sweets specializes in crafting irresistible treats all year round.

9. Sanner Maple Products

Satisfy your cravings with sweets made from 100% PA Maple Syrup. Sanner Maple Products, based in Rockwood, PA, offers a range of maple-infused delights.

10. Slade Screen Printing

Get your custom-branded apparel from Slade Screen Printing, a local company known for its top-quality printing and personalized service.

11. Snyder's of Berlin

Enjoy the crunch of locally produced potato chips and other snacks from Snyder's of Berlin. These snacks are made right in Berlin, PA, guaranteeing freshness and flavor.

12. Van Grouw Family Farm

Discover dairy delights from the Van Grouw Family Farm in Berlin, PA. They produce their milk, cheese, and other dairy products from locally raised cattle, ensuring freshness and quality.

When you shop at Duppstadt's Country Store, you're not just getting exceptional products—you're also supporting our local community and celebrating the flavors of our region. Come explore our wide selection and taste the best of what Pennsylvania has to offer!



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